no low alcohol

No / low alcohol

If you wish to cut down, take a break from alcohol or stop drinking alcohol altogether - 

We have extended our range to include innovations in beers, cider, wines & spirits that will be sure to tickle your taste buds. 

Experience beautifully served no or low alcoholic drinks without the hangover.

Vegan specials

Vegan specials

With increasing demand for vegan options on our menus, we have been busy creating a range of delicious plant-based dishes to feature on our main menus or as daily specials.

Please speak to a member of the team to enquire what we have on offer today.

Hot chocolate

Cosy nights

There is no better way to start the year than as you mean to go on, and for us, that means spending it in the pub.

This year is all about living well and doing what works for you whilst soaking up our cosy pub atmosphere and letting us take care of you.

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